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DPS-Promatic manufactures: Body weight scales, GPRS Weather stations, GSM remote controls, Mouth of truth (Bocca della Verita)

We are an Italian company and we specialize in good quality niche products with a just price. A Just price is a price that will allow us to keep supplying you and keep servicing after years, without having to use low-wage labour and low quality product. Because time is the only thing that you cannot buy, it makes sense to avoid wasting time with low quality cheap products.

Here is a list of our web sites with our production:
  • DPS-Promatic srl main web site
  • GSM / GPRS Autonomous Weather stations, stazioni meteorologiche GSM/GPRS
  • SMS printer stampante di SMS
  • EASYGATE GSM gate opener
  • Bilance Pesapersone sito in italiano
  • BODY WEIGHT people weighing scales
  • AUTOPRESS blood pressure monitors, misuratori di pressione arteriosa professionali
  • Coin operated LOVE TESTER
  • Coin operated WANTED poster western photo booths
  • Coin operated FORTUNE TELLERS like the Bocca della verita (mouth of truth, bouche de la verite, boca de la verdad).

  • Other links we recommend:
  • www.dpsusa.com/bdv.html the official «Bocca della Verità» web site (english)
  • www.maxpor.net is Massimo Portolani Digital Art web site (english)
  • www.portolani.org is Massimo Portolani political studies web site (italian)
  • www.worldlogic.com.hk our Hong Kong distributor (english and chinese)

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